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Buy Better Day

May 10, 2009

nothin_lgI love the idea of Buy Nothing Day (emergency surgical supplies excepted, of course).  The next one is due at the end of November (Nov 29th USA, Nov 30th elsewhere).  It’s a great opportunity to carve out space in the consumer crush and place a question mark against what Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn calls ‘our culture of excess’. 

There are those who say that buying less would be a disaster.  I imagine the world will survive for one day, though.  Shops are important, but they don’t hold up the sky. 

However, even if everyone had a good go at buying nothing, the marketing machine would still find a way round it.  Check out this clip.

Plus, Breathe is about more than just refusing to buy.  If Breathe had a day, it would be Buy Better Day

  • Buy Better in the sense of buying local, which may be more expensive (though it could save on petrol). 
  • Buy Better in the sense of Fair Trade (which may not be local but is still important). 
  • Buy Better in the sense of…better.  Buy things that last longer and we’re less likely to throw away. 
  • Buy Better in the best sense – buy something and then give it away as a gift!

Buy Better Day.  We could buy less, but what we buy could be better.  Net economic cost: nothing (the same amount of money is pumped into the economy).  Social, environmental and community benefit: huge.

So that’s the idea.  All we need now is a date.

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