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Adbusting: Absolut Vodka

June 11, 2009

A world without money is an attractive idea, one replaced by kindness is even better. In fact the kindness idea is at the heart of Christian ethics in how we treat and do business with one another. Only this rendering of it hasn’t been imagined by a church but by a vodka company. What’s going on? Not only that but it’s the Vodka company that are putting that into action (well for a week anyway).

It’s a Vodka company that says, “In An ABSOLUT World, purses, wallets and jingling pocketfuls of change would be things of the past as Acts of Kindness became the new currency.Your riches would genuinely reflect what you added to the world. In An ABSOLUT World, who would the millionaires be? Would you be one?”

They’ve even co-opted it into a kindness movement although because it’s a drinks company only those over 18 can join.

On the one hand any promoting of kindness is good, any challenging of greed is good but it’s a shame that in our world it needs to be done by companies, that moral virtues are now also commercial campaigns. That we need a drinks company rather than the church to call the world to kindness through creative thinking and use of media.

Ironically though for if a world was this good we probably wouldn’t be drinking vodka.

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