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Adbusting: Radox

June 30, 2009

Some ads are subtle and others are less so like this one.

They even have a website where you can learn good reasons to be selfish which is hardly a quality our nation is short of. Time is apparently ‘woman’s greatest enemy’ and the way to freedom, the way to harness time, the way to make it your friend is to be selfish, is to have more ‘me’ time. It’s a concept which I hear a lot, it’s an idea that is most definitely in the church, it’s in my life. I need ‘me’ time, to focus on myself and that’s just one step from saying “It’s OK for me to be selfish.”

It is good to spend some time in quiet, to do things on you enjoy, it is good to have time for reflection but it is never good to be selfish. A selfish approach to time means I’m deliberately putting myself above others, I’m consciously making MY agenda the top one, the prime one, the most important one. Life, even for a short time, becomes about me. For most people this is entirely reasonable but for someone whose life belongs to Christ it’s not so reasonable. In fact you could argue it’s sin. We need a radically different view of time that frees us from the demands of a busy life. that sees it as a gift and every moment to be enjoyed.

For that try this from Tim Chester or consider this from the Promise of Life,

“Because life is a gift, we live it thankfully Savour what we have Pray for what we need. No longer hurried, distracted, or worried, We’ll walk through each moment with God”

Don’t be selfish, be free

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  1. July 6, 2009 4:59 pm

    Very similar in its approach to some new mobile phone ad I saw the other day, with the tagline ‘impatience is a virtue’. Made me want to throw things at the television. I might post that one too if I can find it.

  2. Huw Humphreys permalink
    August 12, 2009 11:21 am

    Like Jeremy, I wanted to church stuff at the telly when I saw the Impatience is a Virtue commercial – Samsung it is and the youtube link is

    I am a primary headteacher and fight against impatience in the government for results and “progress” (whatever that is) whilst simultaneously waging war against it in myself when teachers don’t “get it” straight away! AND trying to inculcate it in parents and children. Trying to plant, nurture and water young seeds in the expectation that they will be grown by Friday is a nonsense so I encourage EVERYONE who sees the ad to tell themselves “Impatience is a sin – it takes from us time, perspective and the chance to reflect”

    Years ago, in Freedom of Simplicity, Richard Foster recommended that if you needed something, then pray for it and wait a week or fortnight. God might provide it. He might not. After a week/fortnight, reevaluate if you still want or need the thing. Then decide whether you want to buy it or not. Sound advice that cuts away at impatience.


  3. Huw Humphreys permalink
    August 12, 2009 11:36 am

    Having just seen the ad again, I threw something else at the telly, but also left a comment at, indicating my displeasure and telling them that as a school, we will embargo their products and not recommend them.

  4. Huw Humphreys permalink
    August 17, 2009 5:52 pm

    Here is what I wrote to Samsung and what they wrote back. What do you think? I wrote:

    “Just writing to say how damaging your current TV ad is. I am a primary headteacher working with young children, where we teach that waiting is a good thing, that patience is a virtue worth learning and prizing, that there is much to be learnt and reflected on whilst waiting. The ad is misleading – wrong actually, as well as wrong-headed. Much patience, thought, care, reflection and TIME went into all the inventions you mention on the ad. It teaches people that you can get things quickly, whereas the really worthwhile things take time, and are really worth waiting for! As a school head, I will immediately embargo any Samsung products we have in school, and ensure that in the future we do not buy from you nor recommend your products”

    They wrote back:

    “With regard to your email, i am sorry you feel this way about our latest advert. Although it is just that, an advert. It is just advertising that the Jet is a fast and easy to use handset, unlike most touch screen phones available in the market at the moment, as well as reflecting the
    needs of many people that the handset is aimed at, that lead busy lifestyles, and wish to have technology as smooth and fast as this. It is not an advert or product aimed at school children, and as such isn’t felt that they will find any subliminal messages in the advert to want to not be patient, or rush things”

    I beg your pardon? WHAT exactly was subliminal about the message? And who in Samsung thinks that schoolchildren are not going to see this? Sorry, I am getting impatient. Which is a sin. I apologise.

  5. Fred permalink
    August 30, 2009 3:11 pm

    Mmm, very interesting. That Samsung advert is horrible, I’ve let them know my displeasure and left it at that.

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