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The Promise of Life – Chris

October 24, 2009

Six months ago I joined many others in Breathe committing to the Promise of Life for a year. The Promise frames a set of aspirations for people who want to move towards a simpler lifestyle.

I don’t consider myself to excel in self-discipline or a strong will. Thankfully the Promise is something we do together, full of grace. It is replete with reminders that our aspiration and effort towards simplicity is not in isolation and, more than that, it can’t be. The Promise is shared, it reads ‘we’ and ‘our’, not ‘I’ and ‘my’.

The Promise has taken me back to a place of gratitude, to ‘Savour what we have’.

We live in an era obsessed with image and self-help, where messages in modern life are sharply attuned to highlight  our flaws, creating and preying on our insecurities.

It is easy to look at our lives through a lens of scarcity – what do I lack? What do I need? The Promise has helped remind me of how rich I am – ‘Life is a gift, we live it thankfully’. It reminds us of a place of plenty, not of scarcity. It brings me back to a place of gratitude and contentment, and away from a sense of need and entitlement.

We all face difficult and challenging situations. I work for an international aid agency and am often left feeling hopeless and helpless. Yet in the last six months I’ve met the most amazing people living beautiful and simple lives amid poverty and adversity. Glancing at the Promise – printed on a card on my desk – reminds me of them. And it reminds me of my commitment and place within ‘family’, ‘community’ and ‘the Kingdom of love’.

We look forward to hearing your stories and thoughts about your journey with Breathe and the Promise of Life.

Chris Webster – Friend of Breathe

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