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The Promise of Life – Jeremy

October 27, 2009

yellowThis has been a year of big changes for myself and my wife. We’ve been married for 18 months, Lou has gone freelance in her work, we bought a house and we’re currently renovating it. In short, we’re settling down. We’re making ourselves at home, working out our place in the world and what we want out of life. Given that I now own a shed, I am probably officially entering middle age as well.

All of this is fun and scary in equal measure, and we feel young and naive and very grown up at the same time. Suddenly there’s a whole lot to think about, and the learning curve is pretty steep. Some of it is mundane, like choosing taps and wallpaper (who knew taps were so expensive?) Some of it is unexpectedly serious, like mortgages and life insurance.

In the midst of all of this, I’m aware that we have quite a unique window of opportunity. The patterns of life we create for ourselves now will shape the way we live in the future, the sorts of people we will be. If we want to live generously, we have an opportunity to build that in from the beginning.

That puts a different spin on all those other decisions. Can we create a home that is for others as much as it is for ourselves? A house that embodies hospitality and welcome, and that has a low impact on the environment? Can we work out how much we need to live on, earn just enough, and then give the rest of our time away? How are we going to build community with our new neighbours?

This time of life could so easily be all about us, but making ourselves comfortable in the world is not the aim of the game. Life in all its fullness does not lie within the pages of Ideal Home magazine. In the great paradox of the kingdom of God, life comes to those who give it away, and that’s what Breathe’s promise of life is all about.

Jeremy Williams – Friend of Breathe


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