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The Age of Stupid: How We’ll Change…

January 2, 2010

Recommending the Age of Stupid on the Breathe monthly email has already rippled out in fruitful ways.

More than one person has been in touch to say they watched the film and found it extremely challenging. One friend Jon watched it and then came back to me with an article from Third Way magazine. In it, one climate expert recommended the following:

cut out foreign flights, drive less, walk and ride more, change your lightbulbs (easy peasy), go vegetarian 6 days in 7 (hard!!), turn down your thermostat and insulate your house.

Now here’s how the power to change takes effect. There’s Jon and me sat in his front room discussing how we can change our lives – discussing the difficulties; daring each other to do more, to be braver. This is how we’ll do it – by conversation, by filling the networks we already have with the questions and challenges that provoke grace-filled change. A conspiracy of freedom (now there’s a name to conjure with…).

So who are you talking to about this, and what changes are happening as a result?

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