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Breathe is Not

January 10, 2010

Ten things Breathe is not…

…anti-capitalist (but we want to change the shape of consumer culture)

…anti-shopping (but we want to buy carefully and with a conscience)

…anti-business (but we believe the economy can work better for people and planet)

…escape to the country (we want to transform the communities where we live)

…glorifying the past (we just think technology is better our servant than our master)

…the ‘good’ life (only one person is truly good, and that’s God – we can’t clean up our act without him)

…a ‘nice’ life (this is going to be costly)

…a joyless life (it will also be fun)

…one size fits all (you don’t have to live in my commune; I don’t have to share your quiche)

…finished (join us…)

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