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Experiment Concluded

January 15, 2010

Back in the dim and distant past (December 2009) we began to experiment with life without a TV and gave my reasons why. The experiment is now officially over and it’s not good news for the television.

I haven’t missed it. Hardly at all, we’ve watched some films on computers and a couple of progammes online, but most of the time just not thought about it (not even enough to blog about it). Emma, has missed it a little bit more, but not enough to seriously consider reversing the decision.

So I shall soon be cancelling my licence to the BBC and saving a hundred plus pounds of hard earned money. The TV will be given away (seeing as it was a free gift to us) along with assorted other TV related gadgets.

I’ve enjoyed having one less distraction and I feel a bit more focussed as a result. I think I suffer from what John Naish calls ‘infobesity’, too much information. I’m wondering about restrictions on computer use and mobile phone (that one just involves switching it off a bit more) but I think I’ll find the computer a harder challenge.

Why do it? To spend my time and energy on the things that matter most, to detox my head and heart of things, noise, distractions and temptations that if I thought about it I don’t really want. To be more present to the people I’m around, to be more devoted to family, less distracted and hopefully more fruitful.

I’m a big fan of technology, I read about it, fascinated by it and use it daily, but as with most things things designed to be servants make poor masters and we must always be aware of what has mastery over us.

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