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Churches in transition

March 23, 2010

This is a press release from Christian Ecology Link but I thought you might be interested so I’ve pasted it here too:

This week sees the official partnering of Churches in Transition with
Transition Towns :-

Churches in Transition (CiT) is a project of Christian Ecology Link,
and aims to network and represent the growing number of Christians and
their churches involved in Transition Towns projects.

Churches in Transition aims to communicate using the forum :-

The CiT leaflet can be downloaded from here :-

Christian Ecology Link is working with a number of other faith-based
organisations to produce informative resources, training and events on
the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy.

One of the key resources currently being trialled is the “ecocell”
study programme to help cell groups of individuals, households and
churches collectively address managing their energy and resource use

Notes :-

1. Christian Ecology Link (CEL) is a member-based network which aims to :-

(a) Offer insights into ecology and the environment to Christian
people and churches

(b) Offer Christian insights to the Green movement

2. Christian Ecology Link are the promoters of the LOAF meal concept
for Low Carbon Food :-

3. Christian Ecology Link’s position on environmental matters is
positive, community-focused and personal and centres on hope and faith
in addressing the key concerns of our age :-

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  1. green leaf permalink
    March 25, 2010 3:05 pm

    We need to adapt. Take a look at this article The Great Transition:

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