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November 9, 2010

Here is the last of the four CoF videos.

Check out for discussion resources. My favourite part of the site has to be the ‘What next’ sections for The Life, Home, Play and Enough. It has inspiring commitments like this:

We don’t really need two cars! Maybe it’s time to get rid of one. Does someone else need it more than us? P.S. have to ask husband first! (Mrs P, Liverpool)

Eat out less; fix things more (Wein, London)

Use a shopping list so I only buy what is needed (Karen, Lancaster)

I will reduce my consumption of alcohol and meat (S, Liverpool)

Make space to grow things (Mrs G, Lancaster)

To cycle or walk whenever possible (Elaine, Lancaster)

I will stop wasting food! (Wendy, Liverpool)

Not buy a new TV (Steve, Lancaster)

Am only going to buy beauty products when existing ones run out and am not going to be tempted to purchase additional ‘new’ ones that I don’t really need (Andrea, London)

Eat only ‘happy’ meat and less of it, rather than more cheap meat (Ric, Brighton)

Spend a day on retreat (Sam, London)

There is enough grace for me, even when I limit my shower times, drive a knackered car, buy my clothes from ebay…! God loves me even if I didn’t do this. But I want to enjoy living simply. (Kirsty, Shrewsbury) 

Please spread the word about these videos – they’ve been seen by hundreds, let’s make it thousands…

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