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Our ‘Start Somewhere’ Carbon-cutting Plan

March 20, 2011

1. Thermal underwear (strange but true, we bought 2 sets each before Christmas so we could cut down on heating)

2. Notmuchment (we’ve turned our front garden into a mini-allotment. Not much to show for it yet…)

3. Cavity wall insulation (we went 50:50 with the landlord, and the government paid a big whack. This bloke and his iguana – no kidding! – turned up to do the job in an afternoon)

4. Ride the bike to work (5 mile round trip – much less than many heroic cyclists)

5. Recyle bins (four different bins indoors to help sort waste)

6. Flying (tricky one. No foreign holidays for a while, but I am flying to the States to speak this year)  

7. Lightbulbs (obviously) 

8. Green energy (we switched to it, panicked, switched back to normal, but now we’re trying Ovo green energy. Let’s see how it goes) 

That’s it – our ‘start somewhere’ plan. I’m sure there’s more we can do. So one step at a time, and sometimes two steps back, we’ll head in that direction.

Do you have a ‘start somewhere’ plan? If so, where have you started and where next?

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  1. March 25, 2011 3:42 pm

    Thanks Mark,

    The innovative initiatives sound great. Are you aware of the site: You might like to contirbute to it.

    Appreciating your vision and posts,


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