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Consumer Detox reviews

April 11, 2011

Simplicity is one thing; humilty another. So here’s a few reviews of the book:

Jonny Douglas on Amazon (5 star): ‘Despite its anti-consumeristic drive, this first-time writing beats with joy, fun, depth, challenge and a wonderful lightness of spirit. Brilliantly and winsomely written and truly deserving of becoming a classic!’

Youthworker website: ‘If you have ever bought anything in your life, and before you make another purchase, you need to get your hands on Consumer Detox. New author Mark Powley delivers a fantastic and very challenging look at Western culture’s obsession with consumerism.’

Christianity magazine (4 star): ‘Consumer Detox is a welcome book at a time when materialism and busyness have become two defining factors of our society. …this book delivers. [Consumer Detox] …will make our lives richer without spending a penny.’

Adam Bradley (‘The Day I Culled facebook’): ‘The book is delightfully funny but sneaked in with the jest are some very significant challenges!’

Matt Valler: ‘I’ve just read the first 3 chapters of Consumer Detox and it’s utterly brilliant! Drop everything and make haste to the nearest bookshop to buy it at once in a fit of fanatical irony. It’s wonderfully written and completely compelling’

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