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The Clothing Season: No More Rags

September 23, 2011

I was moved to tears this morning reading the latest stuff from Tearfund. Here’s something to put the issue of clothes into perspective (and an illustration of the power of what we wear):

Tulo Raistrick visited a community in Uganda in March to see how the church had been making a difference. He writes ‘Around 40 people from the community came along to welcome me. After a few miutes of the men talking, I turned to the women present, and asked if church mobilization had made any difference for them.

One after another, women stood up and told amazing stories. One said, “I was a drunkard, wearing rags. Now look at me.” She was wearing the most fantastic colourful dress. She continued, “Because of the church, I learned to take respnsibility for my life. I started saving and stopped drinking. I started up a sewing business. NOw I have income to send my children to school.”‘

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  1. Eileen Padmore permalink
    September 26, 2011 3:41 pm

    Hmm……. This started me thinking about the spiritual dimension of what we wear – also triggered by something I read in a booklet on dementia. Apparently, ‘clothes help create individual identity’, and ‘complimenting someone on their appearance can reinforce self worth and be a spiritual experience.’ (“Help! we have Dementia!” Gaynor Hammond. Faith in Elderly People, Leeds.)

    My non-arithmetical mind formulates a simple equation:

    Spend less on me + give more away = goes a lot further

    You know what? I feel a dose of repentance coming on. This autumn’s theme could be sackcloth and ashes!

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