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The Clothing Season: What place for beauty?

October 4, 2011

And now for an alternative view! Steve speaks up for clothes as an expression of beauty:

For some people, clothing is art. Though, looking around, I also observe that, for others, it aint!

Members of my family are professional artists who are involved in the design and selection and careful use of textiles and colour and design in the clothing industry. As was clearly and entertainingly described in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” there is a real talent and skill in clothes design, just in fashion clothes, apart from practical clothes. We should celebrate that endeavour and enjoy the improved quality of life it brings even to those who don’t “get it”.  Moreover, the film is well balanced because it also points out that over-dedication (mixed with wrong attitudes to people and life) can lead to a very empty life indeed.

So, what’s my point? That clothes are not just practical. Whether you like or not clothes are part of your message to the world, displaying what your values are!
You can show that you care about yourself, and the world as well by dressing elegantly and inexpensively. That clothes fall into the domain of art, so that by ignoring fashion, we ignore art and we ignore our right to celebrate the beauty of life and creation, and we end up trolling around churches with the “knockers” knocking the heads off statues to prevent people from getting carried away. Again, looking around, we’re not in danger.

So are clothes just cloth? Or are they expressive, symbolic and beautiful? Could it be that if we forget either of these things we miss the point? So that leaves me with some further questions:

  • How often do I get carried away over clothes (either positively or negatively)?
  • What do I want my clothes to express? Can I see them as a celebration?
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