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The Clothing Season: Ethical Fashion Scores

October 7, 2011

OK, this is where consumer power actually begins to mean something. I nearly went NUTS trying to buy a decent pair of trousers in Marks and Spencers (how many duff chords can one shop stock??!). But I wanted to give my custom to a shop that was at least trying to make some progress. Apparently it was worth it (they score 3.5/5). I’m surprised by the score Primark got (some stuff just feels disconcertingly cheap!). And I’m very disappopinted by Fat Face (1/5). I was getting fed up of touchy-feely, ‘live life’ brands already, now I’m growing cynical.

But that’s the point of these scores. They empower the consumer. And, do you know what, if Primark can score 3/5 and sell stuff so ridiculously cheap; then the other firms in the Labout Behind the Label survey can afford to pull their finger out and employ people to drive this process along. But they won’t do it until we demand it.

So read the scores in full. Make your choices. As we do, things will change…

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