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You too can be a Philanthropist

January 12, 2012

Philanthropy – love of mankind. Not to be confused with philandering, which is a different kind of love…

Anyway, there’s a great interview with some SERIOUS philanthropists here. There guys have earned millions and given away millions, and I for one am deeply grateful to see that kind of generosity. It’s a 5 minute radio interview and I think there’s lots of great insights in it. ‘I don’t want to be the richest guy in the graveyard’ is a particular gem. So is the moment when he was told ‘it’s not your money, really’. Good stuff.

But listening to the clip also made me think that we can all be philanthropists. We can all love others; we can all give. In fact, Jesus was spectacularly unimpressed by the donations of the wealthy in his day. The real giving he was interested in happened quite unnoticed: two small coins into the temple treasury (Luke 21:1-4). But Jesus said it was more than all the other gifts he’d seen (and he’d seen some big ones). Note: he didn’t say ‘guys, do you know what, this widow gave too’. He doesn’t say ‘in a funny way she gave as much as they did. He said ‘she gave more’. So really, truly, think of yourself as a philanthropist. Especially if you give sacrificially.

The radio interview mentions setting a target. If that’s what millionaires can do, maybe that’s what we can do, too. The greatest teaching I ever heard on giving was a guy who simply decided to give the greatest percentage of his income away that he could. Sometimes it was 25%, sometimes 40%, sometimes 30%. The point is that he had an ambition, a target. He’d learned to love to give (does that make him a philophilanthropist?). May it be the same for us.

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