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Declutter and Watch out for Overwork

January 27, 2012

Lynda sent this response in, thanks for the great ideas:

I wanted to thank you for putting this together [the Lent 2012 Consumer Detox] – and how very appropriate this is for the times we live in. It seems to be the focus of many people, including those outside the church, to de-clutter their lives. I receive emails from Daily Good and two have really stood out so far: one included a link to this blog who is currently dealing with removal of clutter (very practical), and which gives some amazing statistics relating to the fact that working longer hours contributes to carbon emissions and unsustainable living.

This year I made 2 new year resolutions:

  •  to buy only food, and to make, bake or create everything else.
  • to clear out the junk and unused clutter from my home, piece by piece, every day – and yes, we have lived here, with our 5 children (now grown up) for 20 years so this will take me a year!

So far, I have kept them both, and am feeling quite liberated by them. Clearing space frees the mind for other things. Not going shopping is wonderful – I have even discovered that Ocado deliver free to my area on a Wednesday lunch time, so I am saving petrol, time and greenhouse gas emissions! Wonderful!

Thank you so much for your inspiring writing. God bless you on your journey.

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