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Managing Mammon

March 8, 2012

With the eviction of the Occupy protest at St Paul’s, we’re well overdue some reflection on this site about things financial. So how do you respond to the questions below? Post a comment, or send something to

o   What are your reflections on the Occupy movement and the financial crisis?

o   Have you protested? Do you work in finance? What do you think God is saying / doing in these times?

o   Do you have any tips for managing personal banking and investment?

o   Can you recommend an ethical bank? Does ethical banking live up to its name?

o   Have you tried any alternative options for saving, insurance or mortgages?

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  1. March 9, 2012 7:15 am

    I am greatly encouraged by the Occupy movement. Finally people are beginning to ask the right questions, such as “What is important in an economic system?” and “Is there an alternative?” I know people are frustrated that we haven’t got instant answers, but you can’t have answers until you start asking the questions.

    I haven’t protested in person, but from time to time I raise issues on my blog as I believe God is working on this earth and shaking some empires that need shaking. Empires of commerce that exploit the poor and take away quality of life and in return sell us lies that tell us what we think we want.

    I can’t say anything about ethical banking as I am not in the UK and don’t keep up to date with that. Banks here in Latvia are not ethical and do not even run along the lines of their home countries, considering most of them are Scandinavian that is appalling.

    My preferred option for savings is to lend to friend’s and acquaintances, that leads to some good reciprocal arrangements but also enables people to access finances they wouldn’t be able to achieve otherwise and sometimes at better interest than I would get in a bank. Don’t worry they win too as the interest they pay is far less than they would pay to a bank as well. This releases finances into the situations now and yes I might lose it all, but in the meantime it helps.

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