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Less is more

January 21, 2013


“The world of More, Bigger, Faster calls to us, and we respond by living in a way that’s burning us out, exhausting the planet, and creating an economy of greed. And yet, deeper within all of us, another voice whispers: there is more to life than this; there is a another way to go.” Brian Draper

Brian Draper has I believe gifted us with a real gem of a book to help us to live more simply, sustainably and meaningfully in an age of the fast paced life.

I read this book at the tale end of last year and found it to be a helpful, profound, provoking and liberating read. I would highly recommend it as a way of thinking creatively about how we can seek to live more simply and more intentionally in an age of consumerism and fast paced life. It does not provide easy answers and quick fixes, but calls us to think, wrestle, explore and co-create to enable us to imagine and live out a better way, that quality really can triumph over quantity.

I would highly recommend this book, especially for the space it creates to get us to think, explore and imagine…. that another world, another way of being and living is possible. I would also love to invite anyone who has read the book to make any comments.

More Resources:

You can access an insight into the book here.

If you are really keen to learn a bit more about the book you can watch this film from the book launch. I think there are some really great and profound insights from this short talk that resonate deeply with the ideas that Breathe have been exploring in recent years.

There is an additional review of the book here from Ruth Valerio


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