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Food: Done Simply

February 27, 2013

(This post was also the content of this months Breathe email)

Late January saw the launch of the IF campaign, a coalition of over 100 charities joining forces to tackle global hunger.  It came 10 days after a report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers estimated that nearly half of all the food produced in the world, about 2 billion tonnes, is thrown away before it makes it to a plate.  The full title of the IF campaign – Enough for Food Everyone IF – recognises that there is enough food to go around, but it’s just not happening.

In light of this information, and as I started to think about giving up foods for Lent, it led me to question my whole relationship with food.  Do I take it for granted? Do I know where it comes from and the complexity of all the processes involved in making it?  Do I pick up a buy one, get one free offer, even though the ‘get one free’ is probably going to sit at the back of my cupboard months, and even though I don’t need it?

Recent revelations about the contents and origin of the ingredients in our food (and perhaps everyday household products) have led many people to start thinking about the people, animals, resources and processes involved in making it.  And I get to thinking, in our busyness of my daily life, have I taken the gift of food for granted and become completely disconnected from the fact that while food in the West in plentiful and cheap, 200 children die every hour due to the hunger crisis?

Then I stumble upon a Bible study on food on my YouVersion Bible app.  It’s really challenging me to think more deeply than I’ve ever done about the food that my family eats and what goes into my (virtual) supermarket trolley.  Food is a gift; a blessing and we should try to take the time to ensure that everyone and everything involved in our food production is treated with respect and care. And because 1 in 8 people across the globe go to bed hungry, I know that I am called to play my part in making sure that there is enough for everyone.

Easier said than done?  Well, probably.   But there are a whole host of little steps we can take to make a ‘connection’ with the food we eat and the products we use, from trying an organic veg box from a farm to paying a bit extra for fair trade bananas. Breathe is now part of the IF campaign, and you can take a step right now by joining the IF Campaign.   You can take more steps and support IF by lobbying your local MP and asking them to put pressure on the Chancellor to ensure that the UK keeps its promise to spend 0.7% of national income on aid this and tackle tax avoidance in the Budget. Also look out for the G8 Rally, taking place in London on June 8th.


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