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Food: Gratitude and Generosity

June 13, 2013

I love food. I have a confession to make, I love it so much that I often eat to much and very often take for granted what I eat and how easily I access it. So it was a challenge recently to stop, to think a bit more and take the challenge to ‘live below the line‘ for 5 days and as a family of 4 to eat for just £20 over 5 days. It was a pale reflection of the reality of so many people’s lives on a daily, regular basis.

This is a great short reflective film on food. It’s from Norman Wirzba who has written a brilliant looking book called Faith and Food.

It highlights the importance to balance being able to receive with gratitude and also give with generosity. Both are vital and important, just as the food we it is. Food is so much more than a ‘fuel’ that keeps us going and gets us through the day. It’s a vitally important relational, communal, spiritual thing.

Food, it would seem, is increasingly becoming a vital thing for us to reflect on, cherish, share, provide, secure and faces into the heart of humanity and what it means to be human. We need films and books like this

We are growing more food, especially Tomatoes, and also know more friends and communities who are setting up communal allotments and gardens. It’s a great thing. It makes me appreciate just in a small way a greater connection with the source and origins of food that I am so often removed from.

In an age in the UK where we are seeing perhaps as many as 500,000 people reliant upon Food Banks, and at the same time a greater disconnection with ‘the land’ and growing food, as well as less communal eating and sharing, this is a big and needed challenge and area to think about and do something about in practice.

As we have been hearing and campaigning. There is enough for for everyone…. IF…

How can we play our part in being grateful and generous?

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