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Being Charitable

August 16, 2013

Great thoughts on Generosity, Giving as a discipline and imagining a new way of viewing money and economy


Charity is a tricky thing – we’re all familar with the scenario of a chugger (charity mugger) approaching you on the street and you being in a rush, too distracted to be stopped, or just plain not interested and then feeling like a heel because someone has said ‘do you care about children dying with cancer?’ and you’ve muttered ‘no thanks’.  How about the heart wrenching adverts about clean water and HIV in the developing world that play throughout the day on TV?  There are also the door to door visitors, the friends and family who encourage sponsorship, and the magzine and newspaper inserts as well as the adverts and ‘one click’ options all over the internet.  The poor and the sick and the lonely can make us feel guily, paralysed, awkward and lucky .  I often remember a stand up comedian describing his efforts to tackle climate change being…

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