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Changing the world through ‘being community’. Or not?

October 16, 2013

This blog appeared earlier this year on the Breathe site and It’s so good in so many ways – Well written, funny, honest and highlights the fact that its ok to fail and take a risk that we wanted to share it again


It’s been a busy month with no time to write, so I’m migrating some old posts across from another blog that I thought I’d have the capacity to write as well. That was optimistic. This one was originally published on Breathe, a Christian network for simpler living. Enjoy!


It started off so well. Two of us had read the Irresistible Revolution and, being those who prefer big picture to detail, enthusiastically recruited others to change the world with us through a half-formed vision of community living.

After the discouragement of futile house searches, we asked really hard and God gave us a house. It was a bit shabby round the edges but had all the features we’d longed for: a huge sitting room, a dining room and a spare room, even the attic bedroom that my friend had so hoped to get. It was a sure sign that…

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