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The World We Made, by Jonathon Porritt

November 21, 2013

Make Wealth History

the world we madeJonathon Porritt is the author of Capitalism as if the World Mattered, one of the most useful books I’ve read on the topic of sustainable economics. He’s taken his time with a follow-up, (not counting this one) and it’s something completely different. The World We Madeis a fictional history written from 2050 by a teacher and his students. It’s imaginative, engaging, and surprisingly playful.

Writing back-casting histories is nothing new. I’ve read several, of one length or another. They can be useful in determining first steps towards something that seems impossible, and the Transition Towns movement uses them as a community activity to that effect. They can also be exercises in ecotopian wishful thinking, and I have to say I was a little disappointed when I heard that Porritt had written one.

I repent of that scepticism, because The World We Made is pretty smart. For starters, it…

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