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Project Wild Thing: A family tale by Mark Powley

March 6, 2014

Mark Powley writes about a film trip with a difference.


A few months ago, with the bitter winter wind whipping the streets of Leeds, Ailsa and I took all four kids out to see Project Wild Thing. ‘One man’s crusade to get kids to fall in love with nature again’. Points gained for watching a nature-y film – 10. Points lost for driving there in the car – 5. Points regained for watching it at an ‘art house’ cinema – 2. Points lost for spending £35 on a family film – 7. Or whatever. Anyway, it wasn’t quite the kind of Sunday afternoon hypnosis in which Pixar excel, but it was brilliant.

The idea of the film is simple, powerful and undeniable. It’s not healthy for kids to spend so little time outdoors. There’s too much fear holding us back from our countryside, and our neighbours. All of us should probably get out more. As a father, this appeals to my desire to allow my kids access to the wonders of the outside world. As a Christian, it stirs a sense of the majesty of God revealed in the giftedness of creation. ‘Remember your creator in the days of your youth’, if you like. It’s also interesting that Project Wild Thing brings together a broad coalition of interested parties around a clearly identified issue. Where else can we do this, and what could we achieve with others if we did?
Now it is March, and the Spring is coming. Time, if ever it was, to get outside and meet God (and others) in the world he made. As for Project Wild Thing, they’re asking us to get involved in three ways.
  • WATCH – Project Wild Thing is on DVD, online and on the big screen at a community hall, cinema, nature reserve, school or shed near you. Watch it now then let us know what you thought.
  • SHARE – get 5 of your friends, colleagues or neighbours to sign up to the movement. If you’re doing something great to get kids outdoors – whether it’s running a bug hunt with your school class or growing sunflowers with your kids – let us know about it. Send us a photo on Facebook and Twitter, write us a blog post, or share the activity on the wild time page.
  • DO – Help us come up with the next big thing that will break down the barriers stopping kids from getting out and ensure a generation  can roam free, play wild and connect with nature.
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  1. jbamartin permalink
    April 8, 2014 9:52 am

    Reblogged this on peopleplanetprophet and commented:
    Check this film out if you get a chance, It is so inspiring.

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