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Eat Well, Waste Less

June 6, 2014

Great (albeit challenging) infographic on food and waste. There is hope, there is grace and their are some great ideas and resources from Love Food Hate Waste. Check out their site and be inspired to waste less and love the food we eat and share.


Regular readers of this blog will know that Filled With Love Cupcakes are hoping to relocate to commercial premises sometime in the near future. We’ve been delighted with the success of our business which has demonstrated there really is a demand for high quality baked goods made with fresh, fairly traded ingredients. As I often say – if you’re going to spend calories, spend them wisely!

In preparation for the move I’ve embarked on a massive stocktaking exercise, with every board, box, mould and cutter being counted. Not to mention the stock of ingredients of course – flour, sugar, butter, oil, icing, nuts, spices – the list goes on!

All of which has made me very aware of the dates on our food. I rotate stock as it is delivered but it’s all too easy for a packet of icing to slip to the bottom of the box and before…

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