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Opening up a can of worms: Getting Practical, Having Fun

August 27, 2014
I started using a wormery a few years ago for two reasons – firstly to minimise my food waste and find a use for the bits of fruit and veg that usually go to waste, and secondly to minimise spending on organic vegetable fertilizer.
It breaks my heart to stick unusable bits of fruit and veg in the bin. I used to try and find a use for them as best I could, but there are only so many banana skins you can tie to your tomato plants…and honestly, beetroot leaf chutney does not taste great, regardless of the seasoning tricks you employ.
We grow a lot of vegetables in my house and by default, we eat a lot of vegetables too. It’s a pricey habit if you’re covering the soil every couple of weeks in organic, high nutrient, high mineral, pathogen-free, non-toxic, Soil Association approved fertilizer.
With only a small balcony to grow from, a wormery seemed to me, the most space efficient way to convert organic remnants into something useful and effectively free, minus the start up cost of the wormery. Two huge wins ticked off as a result too – turning kitchen waste into organic compost and by recycling my waste at home, I’m saving on effects and concerns surrounding domestic waste collection transport and disposal.
I have watched this cyclical process whereby the food that I grow becomes food for me; food for my worms; is seeped back into the earth, creating food for the seedlings and new plants that will eventually become food again for me and the worms. I am more aware of the balance by which we are all held in God’s hand and how beautifully and carefully our world is made.
Psalm 89.11 – The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it.

Love Food, Hate Waste….use what you have!
Rachel Morgan is 26; knitter; cyclist; Christian; yogi; courgette cake baker; matcha drinker; HUGE Alan Spence fan; and wormery advocate! Follow her on twitter @RMReflexology
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