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#inequality: Walking humbly in satin plimsolls

October 16, 2014

Today is Blog Action Day 2014. Its aim is to unite the world’s bloggers by posting about the same issue, on the same day, in order to raise awareness and trigger a positive global discussion around an important issue that impacts us all.

This year’s theme is inequality, a topic which is close to Breathe Network’s heart. Read our blog post below to get you thinking and join in the conversation on Blog Action Day’s live stream, Facebook and Twitter. 

#BAD2014,#Bad14 #BlogAction14, #inequality @BreatheNetwork @blogactionday12


These two envelopes arrived in the post on the same day:


On the one hand, Tearfund is asking me to help Agnes leave despair behind her. On the other, Boden is reminding me that they give 365 days of peace of mind. I open the letter and flick through the catalogue.

Agnes’ soundbite in the letter is: ‘Last year I had malaria four times. The last time I thought I would die.’ The soundbite from Boden model, Simone is: ‘What do I want to return as in my next life? A bird.’

I can’t help but feel that Agnes’ despair wouldn’t be fixed by the purchase of a ‘Calypso Vest’ which promises to ‘make you feel like you’re on holiday long before the duty free cosmetic counter beckons.’ It seems that the Omulala Women’s Group – where encouragement and hope are flourishing – is creating a forum for something a bit more deeply transformative than that.

But as I flick through pictures of ‘endlessly versatile soft cotton cardigans in life-affirming colours’, nor can I help but wonder if model Adoara, who celebrates the end of winter by buying ten swimsuits for the summer, isn’t missing out on something.

A gift today of £60 can pay for three women to attend a five-day training workshop, equipping them with business skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

£60 would also pay for a Silver Riviera Notch Neck Tunic that will rush to my aid when I have a sudden attack of the wardrobe wobbles.

A donation today can empower women like Agnes with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to leave poverty behind them – one step at a time.

Decisions, decisions, says Boden.

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