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Book review: This changes everything, by Naomi Klein

October 23, 2014

Good review of Naomi Klien’s latest book ‘This changes everything’: Capitalism vs the Climate
Review by Jeremy Williams

Make Wealth History

this changes everythingAfter her previous books on consumerism and disaster capitalism, the transformative ‘this’ of Naomi Klein’s latest book is climate change. It will change everything, either by changing the planet, or by us changing society and the economy in radical ways.

There are no get out of jail free cards, Klein argues – no new dawn of green capitalism, no enlightened billionaires, and no miracle technologies. These hopes are all rooted in the idea that if can tweak a few things here and there, we can carry on as usual. The science suggests something else: that we have very little time, and no option but radical emissions cuts. And that puts us on a collision course with the fossil-fuel driven growth economy. Hence the book’s subtitle, ‘Capitalism vs the climate’.

We’ve known about climate change for long enough to have done something about it. The reason we haven’t is pretty simple…

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