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Have yourself a Merry Nomad Christmas

December 19, 2014

nomad DBB

The Guys at Nomad Podcast are doing a brilliant series of Christmas specials – 12 Podcasts for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. They have got some brilliant guests who are all giving some short (10-15 min) reflections on Christmas. Well worth a listen. (Dave Andrews, Phylis Tickle, Greg Boyd and Jenny Baker to name but 4)

The image featured here is of one of the reflections by David Benjamin Blower. His Book and Album ‘Kingdom vs Empire‘ is brilliant and really resonates with the Breathe theme of ‘Less Stuff, More Life’. One of the Chapters/Songs from this work touches on the themes of Consumerism and how we have arguably allowed advertisers to ‘raise our Children’! It’s challenging, but also thought provoking stuff.

Anyway, Have a listen to his NOMAD reflection (complete with Music)

Happy Christmas from Breathe

May you Stop, Breathe, Relax and Smile this Christmas



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