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Happy New Year: How can we Have Less Stuff and More Life in 2015?

January 6, 2015

happy new year 2015

Happy New Year. Hope you had a good break and have had a good start to 2015. How many of us made resolutions, and if we did, have we already broken them?

Breathe’s strapline’ Less Stuff, More Life’ can be a particularly challenging one over the season we have just participated in. There is an excellent Nomad Podcast from Mark Powley that is well worth a listen as we move on from Christmas into the New Year and seek the way of living well with less, being content and joyful with enough and being able to cherish what we do have. Apparently the issue isn’t so much the way we go about Christmas, but the way we go about the rest of the year. Interesting!  

I have to confess that I am increasingly conscious that I do love stuff, particularly food stuffs, and once again this Christmas I did overindulge and eat to much. I should have made a resolution to make some changes in the New Year, but I have not done this…. The Diet starts tomorrow, or on Monday is instead my familiar cry!

But this is not all a tale of woe and despair. I also bring hope and joy and life! At Christmas as a family we asked for less stuff and more life by receiving alternative gifts. We were given the gifts of membership to Kew Gardens and also very generously to The Royal Palaces. Its a tiny thing, but for us it means we can have some really great life experiences together in 2015 and cherish these more throughout the year rather than a gift that might be used and forgotten by February. I am really looking forward to making use of these experiences and really seeking to enjoy them all together. We chose (in this case) to have less stuff that we might have more life!

What One thing could you do this year to have/get less stuff and in the process of letting go/losing that gain more life in all its fullness? 

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