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My books of 2014

January 6, 2015

Do you have some Christmas gift vouchers or money to spend? Could you find someone to borrow these books from? Jeremy Williams give us some excellent reading tips to begin the year. Did anyone else read any of these or have any other recommendations?

Make Wealth History

I’ve just been looking back at my reading over this year. Here are the five books I’ve enjoyed most in 2014.

feralFeral, by George Monbiot
My favourite book of the last 12 months by some margin, Feral explores the topic of rewilding – the idea of letting nature take its course with the landscape, and seeing what ensues. It’s beautifully written and compellingly argued, but ultimately it is love that gives the book its power.

simple-living-in-historySimple Living in History, edited by Samuel Alexander and Amanda Mcleod
A tour of simple living pioneers from ancient civilizations to the present day, and a diverse and inspiring read. Importantly, it’s focused on the future, on what we can learn from history to move forward beyond our unsustainable consumer society.

economics users guide changEconomics, the User’s Guide, by Ha-Joon Chang
Ha-Joon Chang desperately wants more people to take an interest in economics. It’s too…

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