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Book review: Stuffocation, by James Wallman

January 14, 2015

Following on from last week’s New Year Post on ‘Less is More’ this review and book are well worth taking the time to consider and read, with some helpful links as well

Make Wealth History

StuffocationChristmas is peak ‘stuff’ time in our household. We throw away more than usual, and generally have a bunch of new things to find places for at the end of it. I’m not complaining, but it’s an interesting time to read a book like Stuffocation – Living More with Less.

Stuffocation, as the name suggests, is about the broadest of first world problems – too much stuff. “Instead of feeling enriched by the things we own, we feel stifled by them” says James Wallman. “Instead of thinking of more in positive terms, as we once did, we now think more means more hassle, more to manage, and more to think about. In our busy, cluttered lives more is no longer better.” Not everyone feels that way, but the majority appear to. Surveys show that two out of three of us think they’d be better off if they lived…

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