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The Super Rich and Us – We can live and make a difference

January 14, 2015

the super rich and us

Jacques Peretti is back again for another mini series exploring our societies relationship with wealth, consumption and how we are living. Yes, hot on the heels of his last series ‘The Men who made us spend‘ we now have the follow up ‘The Super Rich and Us‘. It well worth a watch

Oxfam’s latest campaign ‘Even it up‘ highlights the reality of the great and growing inequality in our world with this incredible stat ‘ The Worlds 85 Richest people own the same wealth as the 3.5 Billion poorest people’ 

That truly is inequality on a truly epic scale

oxfam even it up


I also found this article on the ideas behind the rise and development of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ to be a helpful and very smart read.

The issues of wealth, money, investing, buying, consuming and how we live are complex, but also profoundly spiritual and the stuff of how we live life and how we enact our worship and our values in the everyday of life. We may almost certainly not be part of the ‘super rich’ or even consider ourselves to be ‘rich’, however we all have some spending power and influence, and how we use the resources we have been given is important and does matter in the everyday and mundane as well as in our bigger life decisions.

From buying fair trade food, fair phones, being generous with our giving and sharing more and buying less  we can make a difference.

The importance, complexity and diverse approaches to the issue where brilliantly highlighted in a recent feature on Church and Politics in the Daily Politics show. This 8 min clip is well worth a viewing.

In 2015 (and beyond) Tearfund will be working on the theme of A Just and Sustainable Economy and will be launching a new Campaign in the Spring, as well as a report and a work of underpinning theology. Watch this Space.


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