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Less is More: Eat Less and Care More – Meat Free week

March 12, 2015
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I love Meat. In fact the very thought of a good juicy Quarter Pounder or a Lamb Curry fills we with great delight. But for a week from Monday 23rd March I am going to change how I eat and take part in ‘Meat Free Week

A recent study reported by the BBC says that the way we are eating is not sustainable in the long term. It suggests that as well as eating less meat, particularly beef, we need to get better at wasting less food and eating more healthily. The combination of these factors will be good for all of us and for the planet. Just check out our infographic on how much food we waste now – imagine how different it could be.

Changing our habits, especially the ones we love, is not an easy thing, but the rewards and the significance of doing it in this case are huge.

It’s clear that we are a meat-loving nation, but, if we want to keep enjoying our way of life then we will have to rethink how we live. If we don’t, the report suggests that our carbon emissions will go through the roof, which, as well as damaging the environment in the UK, also has an impact on those living in poverty across the world.

I work for Tearfund and we have been, and remain committed to campaigning for policy change when it comes to matters of the planet and climate change. But we are also convinced that our lifestyles, values and behaviour are also important. We need change at both a local and international level, and we can be a part of the change we want to see in the world.

So if you want to start making some small changes that can have a big impact, why not follow some of these handy tips.

Top Tips

Less is more. Meat is a good thing, but we simply need to eat it less, savouring it when we can but saving money and helping to save the planet is a real win win. Could you be up for taking the ‘Meat Free week‘ challenge from 23rd March? 

Growing veg is fun. Just look at this great example of a movement called Incredible Edible. If we have more connection to something, we value it more. If you don’t have access to an allotment, then what about growing in your garden? The Eat Seasonably website is a great resource for wannabe growers. You could also do the Tearfund Rhythms Grow your own action.

Vegetarian food is a lot more delicious and nutritious than we might think. Rice and dahl is simple and delicious and does not need meat. There are loads of great recipes out there.

Read someone’s experience of changing the way they eat by checking out Ruth Valerio’s blog. She writes brilliantly and also has lots of great recipes.

Love Food Hate Waste offer lots of great ideas and recipes as well. You could also plan your meals and eat your leftovers for a month. This will help you to reduce your food waste by a third!

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  1. March 12, 2015 12:23 pm

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  3. March 12, 2015 9:19 pm

    It certainly won’t harm to eat less meat, we don’t eat much meat and what we do eat goes a long way. I feel it would be much better for our environment though if there was less focus on just meat, but what kind of meat we eat. Grass-fed beef where the pasture is permanent or in a long-term rotation is good for the soil and so sequesters carbon, off-setting any methane the cows produce. Beef fed on grain is not! Lamb is usually grass-fed, at least British lamb is. So these types of meat are much better for the environment, than industrialised meat. Hope you enjoy your meat-free week.

  4. June 4, 2016 7:15 am

    Remarkable! Its really awesome paragraph, I have got much
    clear idea about from this article.

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