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The Journey

March 23, 2015

The Brilliant Rachel Dickinson is doing a great challenge inspired by Mark Powley’s book – Consumer Detox. Here is a great blog from her ‘Rubbish Free Lent’ about the journey… Check out


At the beginning of Lent I shared my challenge with zeal. I wanted to communicate what I was doing and why, and in seeking to demystify the whole experience I promised to answer anyone’s questions.

I was armed with responses to how I’m brushing my teeth (that’s for another blog post) or what I’ll do if I get ill, but some of the questions threw me. In fact, my boss had read my first couple of blog posts and responded with: “what’s with the no clothes buying?”

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of the answer. I had just assumed that indulging in sartorial purchases whilst worrying about the amount of clignfilm in my fridge didn’t make sense. But she’s right, new clothes don’t mean items to landfill and I’m certainly not going to get hung up on the microscopic plastic tag attached to the labels.

So it got…

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