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Why is progress so slow?

June 3, 2015

Make Wealth History

When you spend a lot of time working towards sustainability and social justice, it can seem strange that progress is so slow. Why is it so hard to get agreement on climate change, so long after the science has been accepted? How do we put up with chronic global poverty when there are so many things we could do about it?

In the recent Tearfund report, The Restorative Economy, Alex Evans and Richard Gower look at several reasons for slow progress. There’s no one big reason, they argue, but a “convergence” of factors in three key areas:

1. Out of date governance systems – all our governance mechanisms were built around national interest, making them ill-equipped for the sorts of international issues we face today. They’re also prone to split issues up into categories – financial issues over here, environmental ones over there, when we really  need a much…

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