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The (growing) Food Revolution and Movement

July 24, 2015


It’s summer and with that its also BBQ Season! I absolutely love Food and all of the possibilities and delights that sharing a good meal bring. Just this week alone I’ve had a community BBQ on Monday evening and then shared in an amazing meal at one of my favourite local eateries with a group of friends. I love food and I confess that whilst I am seeking to eat less meat and eat more sustainably it does not always happen!

Food at it’s very best is a wonderful thing. The enjoyment of tastes and flavours, the opportunity for creativity and for me the most important; the shared experience and community that is created and cherished from eating together. It’s a thing of beauty.

However we have to face the fact that as beautiful as food is at its best we also have a big problem. These food waste facts speak volumes about the challenges and complexities of our Global food system. A system, whether we like it or not, we are all very much a part of. This is in addition to the stark reality that in the UK we face into a growing problem of food poverty with the significant increase in Foodbanks. Whilst the response of organisations like The Trussell Trust is deeply admirable, I long for the day when Foodbanks go into decline and then stop operating, not because of a lack of volunteers or desire to support them, but because no-one is in need any longer. These are long term challenges and require us all to play a part, but on the horizon I see some signs of hope.


In the midst of this complexity I am inspired, heartened and humbled by a growing food movement and revolution that is taking place. Here are 3 inspiring examples of how food is being reimagined and how people are being creative in their response to bring hope, change and transformation in how we eat and think about food.

  • Last year I went to visit the Incredible Edible project in Todmorden. Meeting people who started this food revolution in a small town and seeing how it has transformed the landscape and the mindsets of the community was deeply inspiring. From the seed that was (literally) planted in Todmorden there is now a growing Incredible Edible Network in the UK and Beyond. Its a great example of creating fun, education and possibility with food.

real junk food

  • I’ve also been really inspired by The Real Junk Food Project. It’s a growing food movement where food that would otherwise go to waste is ‘intercepted’ and used to cook meals in a cafe/canteen. People are encouraged to Pay as you feel for the food. My work has enabled me to make a link with one of these growing numbers of PAYF Cafe’s called The Saltaire Canteen. This recent Guardian article is well worth a read.


  • The final initiative that has inspired me is a called Feedback. Feedback is an  organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. Feedback catalyse action on eliminating food waste globally, working with governments, international institutions, businesses, NGOs, grassroots organisations and the public to change society’s attitude toward wasting food. They have a brilliant campaign at the moment #StopDumping which is challenging Supermarkets to stop dumping their unwanted (and wasted) food orders onto farmers to have to deal with, as well as losing out on a means to get their products to market.

These initiatives highlight that local, national and international initiatives are all vital and that we need creative community as well as political solutions.

What can we do? I would encourage you to sign up to Feedback and join the growing movement. Perhaps next time you are out for a meal, could you see if there is an option of going to a PAYF Cafe. Or could you get growing food at home, via an Incredible Edible Project or a local community allotment?

Food is good and we should celebrate the joys and delights of eating, especially when we do it together with others. But as we tuck into our favourite meals this summer, could we also explore ways to reimagine how we eat, share, waste less and grow our food? 

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