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Summertime Series 1 – Experiences

August 3, 2015


We kick off our 4 week summer special this week by encouraging us all to take some time to experience something that will refresh us, inspire us afresh and give us life. Creating space for us to ‘Breathe’ and find more life.

1) Rest and Retreat

Last week I had the opportunity to take some time out and explore and think about Rest. There was a focus on 4 themes. All connected to rest. Our desire to be Active is great. But sometimes we need to stop, retreat and seek the benefits of rest.

Rest and Reflection:  (Read Philippians 4: 4-9)

Rest and Humility (Psalm 139: 1-12)

Rest and Trust  (Psalm 23)

Rest and Renewal (Isaiah 40: 26-31, Psalm 51: 7-12)

We live in a society where productivity and activity are increasingly valued at the expense of rest. Whether its sleep, (read this amazing report, its well worth resting and taking 30 mins out to do this) switching off (from work and from our gadgets) and simply being, we are in all honestly likely to not be getting enough rest.

Getting away and experiencing a change of scene is so often very life giving. I can highly recommend a lead retreat. Brian Draper  leads some excellent one’s. Do also check out this helpful guide.

2) Eat out with a Difference and/or Bless someone with a Random Act of Kindness

Inspired by our Food blog from a couple of weeks ago could you eat out with a difference this summer and get along to a Pay as you feel (PAYF) Cafe for a meal? If not, how about savouring a good local restaurant that is much more likely to cook food that’s Local, Organic, Animal Friendly and Fair Trade.  (LOAF)

If you are not near a PAYF Cafe then how about this… Could you buy some a suspended coffeeA suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why. But it really is about so much more than the coffee. It can provide physical comfort, conversation, a smile or even a laugh, and a sense of belonging. A suspended coffee can change lives, sometimes even save them. Check out this map to find a cafe local to you! 

3) Have a Free Day Out 

This depends on where you live of course, but its amazing how possible it is to have a day out for free. Walking to a local park and meeting up with friends/family for a picnic. Going for a long (or short) Bike Ride or Walk, Finding out about Free local events and fun days, there are lots of options and lots of fun to be had.

Do feel free to share any ideas, resources and share an of your experiences

Hope you have a good time doing 1 or more of these things over the summer. Next week we share 3 recommended reads for the summer for when camping, staying with family/friends or lounging about at home.

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