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Summertime Series 3 – Listening

August 17, 2015


So far in our summertime series we have had recommendations for ‘experiences’ and also ‘reading’. This week its all about the listening and some top tips for playing a part in your soundtrack for the summer.


Nomad Podcast – An Interview with Alastair McIntosh 

It’s quite popular these days to refer to yourself as an activist. But Alastair McIntosh is the real thing. Not only is he a respected academic and writer, but he’s taken on major corporations, and won! Why? Because he believes that much of the modern world is threatening our sense of place, which is so vital for human flourishing. This is a real gem of an interview and highlights the profound importance of living with integrity, humility, passion and compassion. There is also a nice musical link at Radiohead’s Thom Yorke also features (ok by name only) in the interview.


Greenbelt Festival  

I’m really looking forward to some of the music at this year’s Greenbelt festival. There are lots of really good artists on the bill and I am especially looking forward to – Duke Special, This is the Kit, The Unthanks (although 2 nights off the ‘late slot’  from the Tearfund stand might be pushing my luck) just 3 of many highlights. Are you going to the festival or any others for that matter? What are going to be your highlights of the summer musically? 


Benjamin Blower – Kingdom vs Empire

Kingdom vs. Empire is fuelled by the guttural force of Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie, the tried-and-trusted troubadour’s guitar framed by clattering percussion and clamouring voices.  ‘Take Back the Space’ and ‘Trouble in the Empire’ are clanging calls to radical action and ‘Asleep for a Long, Long Time’ is a ballad to the discontent of 2011. Finally ‘Wake Up Dry Bones’ and ‘Repentance is the Revolution’ are rooted firmly in that forbidden power that emerges when everyday people engage in radical faith.

The accompanying book is an apocalyptic vision, boiled down to its purest form; a social critique of life and faith in 21st Century Britain. Reminiscent of Allen Ginsberg, Andrea Dworkin, The Situationists and the Old Testament Prophets, it is an unapologetic pummelling in the face that will be loved or hated.

A great album from this Birmingham based musician.

“This is a stunning looking and rich piece of work – thoughtful and thought-provoking, a real work of art in the broadest and best sense.” -Kester Brewin, Author of ‘The Complex Christ’

****** BONUS FEEL GOOD MOMENT AND SONG for the summer ********

The film says it all. What a song, what a great idea, check this out for a feel good summer song and initiative! A group of 1000 passionate and determined  Italians ask The Foo Fighters to come and play in their country/local area!

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