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Summer Series 4 – Blogs to inspire

August 24, 2015



We’ve reached our 4th and final part of our mini summer series. Our previous 3 weeks have focused on experiences, books and things to listen to/watch.

Here are 3 blogs that are inspiring and practical – Helping us to live more simply with less stuff and more life.

1. Jenny from the Block
Jenny writes brilliantly blending hope, honesty, humour and integrity. This is a great blog to read and follow. One of her latest blogs is very akin to the values and ethos of Breathe.  Ten positive lifestyle choices we don’t make (yet)

Jenny says “I’m a big fan of honest journeys, and being able to come clean about our limitations and failures. So here is my list of really worthwhile lifestyle changes to which I aspire (in relation to simplicity and green living) that we just don’t do right now.” As you will read, Jenny has and does do a lot and we love the openness in which she shares what she has done and also what she still hopes to be and do.

2. Simply being Mum 

A great blog by Joanne Wright who explores ‘Doing Family life well and doing it simply’. Sounds good. This is a blog for Mum’s , Dad’s and all of us really.  There’s lot’s of talk about food and reducing food waste.  But it’s also a blog about a journey toward a simpler family life. Joanne did this great interview with the Guardian. We like this blog post she wrote on thinking through decisions about spending/buying consciously

3. The Rubbish Diet

Set up by the inspirational Karen Cannard this initiative is fun, inspiring and filled with hope

Take the Rubbish Diet and slim your bin. Do your bit and save some cash at the same time!

Over three weeks, The Rubbish Diet will help you recycle more, shop better and make the most of what you have in your cupboards. We send you emails packed with top tips and advice to get you started. We’re here to answer your questions, share your successes and help you solve those annoying waste problems.

summer image 4

We hope you have had a good summer and hope that our summer series of blogs have been inspiring and helpful.


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