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Communal living projects

  • Mission Year  –  “Mission Year trains and develops Christians to live out God’s call on their lives through community living, intentional discipleship, and inner-city service projects. We believe that by developing disciples who have a strong understanding of who they are and what they are called to do for the Kingdom, we will see the Church strengthened and communities fundamentally changed.”  See their website for information about joining one of their teams.
  • Mustard seed associates –  “The MSA team seeks to enable followers of Jesus, especially those who are innovators and unsatisfied with status quo faith, to a counter cultural way of life. We encourage people to create new forms of whole life faith and innovative ways to make a difference locally and globally that seeks to both advance God’s purposes and engage tomorrow’s challenges.” See their website for more resources and information and to connect in with their community.
  • Regenerate“Regenerate works with young people and families in Roehampton and estates across London, helping transform lives and communities from the inside out.”
  • New Creation Christian Community – Intentional Christian Communities in the UK with the Jesus Army.
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