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Practical tools for living differently

  • Streetbank  – “Streetbank is a site that helps you share and borrow things from your neighbours. The aim is to get people involved in their community, to foster altruism, a generosity of spirit and volunteerism. It is to help local needs to be met by local solutions, reducing poverty by building community. It makes sense environmentally. It helps people to reuse things, and for things that are under-used to be used more, and that all helps to reduce consumption.”  
  • Freecycle  – “The Freecycle Network  is made up of 5,120 groups with 6,825,932 members around the world. It’s a grassroots and entirely non-profit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.” Sign up to your local group.
  • Living Generously –  “Challenging, inspiring and empowering people to live generously […]In practical terms, the web site also provides a single access point enabling you to find gifts for good causes, meeting different needs across the world and then either give a specific gift or invite friends and family to give to those you have selected by setting up a gift list, e.g. for Christmas, birthday or a wedding. It’s not just about giving of our money or about buying gifts for good causes, it’s about our lifestyle and looking beyond ourselves. It may not involve money at all, it may be giving some of our time to help with a local youth project or doing kind things for those around us.”
  • Generous“At Generous we’re building a global community of people who believe in changing the world for good … one step at a time. Every action unknown to everyone else – from unplugging appliances to dumping bottled water, from sharing your car journey to buying Fair Trade – incrementally shifts history in favour of the planet and its people. The more of us who go Generous, the greater our impact.”   Their website is not currently being updated but there’s lots of great content to explore there.
  • Formation –  “Formation is focused on developing spectacular ordinary lives, leaders and organisations. The passion that drives Formation is the transformation of people … A mundane life with God at the centre can be wonderful. Fame, money and power without God can be dire. Jesus brought together both the spectacular and ordinary in one unique person and teaches us how we can become fully alive.”
  • New American Dream“The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans to reduce and shift their consumption to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice. Since its founding in 1997, New Dream has raised awareness of the negative impact of a hyper-consumer culture. Our focus on the connections between consumption, quality of life, and the environment has made New Dream unique among environmental and progressive groups. We work with individuals, institutions, businesses, and communities to conserve natural resources, counter the commercialization of our culture, support community engagement, and promote positive changes in the way goods are produced and consumed. New Dream seeks to change social norms around consumption and consumerism and to support the local movement of individuals and communities pursuing lifestyle and community action.”
  • Adbusters “We are a global network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and the way meaning is produced in our society.” The people behind initiatives like ‘Buy Nothing Day’
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